Art looks beneath the surface of life, and for me the place to look has always been the body.  I use drawing to convey the body’s visceral physicality, its inherent beauty, uniqueness, and visual complexity, and its connection to the processes and patterns of nature.   

I draw myself from the inside out.  A curving spine brings asymmetry to my core, and with it the need for a subtle effort of balancing, an engagement with the workings of my bones and muscles, nerves and senses.  This conscious inhabiting of my body is at the core of my art.  In anatomical terms, it’s the realm of proprioception: the network of inner body signals and “self”-sensors through which the body monitors its relationships with space, time, gravity, and all that is “other.”   

Together, my drawings form a kind of visual autobiography, telling the story of the life of my body.


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Nerve Pathways: Brain to Body [current work in progress]


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