‘My back … part of my body yet hidden from myself’

I made the first version of this artist’s book in 1994, when I had just begun to create images of my own body. Unique and handmade, it takes the form of an artist’s portfolio made entirely of translucent materials, with an x-ray mounted on the front. Inside are unbound pages of interleaved text (handlettered in brown ink on translucent vellum) and drawings, which together unfold a narrative of visualization: a look into the body, from the surface of the skin into the realm of inner space.

The book was featured in "The Anthropomorphic Book" exhibit at the Center for Book Arts in New York.

I always loved this book, and looking at it again recently, my brief, distilled narrative text struck me as still the best way to convey the essential story. I've now created a small limited edition of the book. It includes 12 archival inkjet prints of drawings from the Visible Skeleton series, interleaved with 6 pages that reproduce the original text on vellum. The pages are contained in a portfolio, unbound, so prints can be removed and displayed individually. This gallery begins with 4 images of the original one-of-a-kind book, and then shows the pages of the new edition, in order.