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Presenting my work at the University of Puerto Rico

In September I spent a wonderful week in Puerto Rico, presenting my work at both the College of Humanities and the Medical School of the University of Puerto Rico Rio Piedras at the invitation of poet and professor of Caribbean literature Loretta Collins Klobah. With a grant from from the National Endowment on the Humanities, the university is developing a new medical humanities curriculum.  They were interested in hearing about my own work as an artist in the context of my role as teaching artist/artist in residence at the NYU School of Medicine. This was my first chance to bring those two strands of my work together in an organized way, and to articulate how they relate to and inform each other.  I found a receptive and engaged audience, from anatomy professors to  art students, excited about the possibilities of integrating visual art into the study of medicine.  With the help of anatomy professor Juan Carlos Jorge we borrowed bones from the Anatomy Lab for a great drawing workshop in the lobby of El Museo.