About original art 

Drawing media 

  • for floating colors underlayers: oil paints mixed with bronze powders or crushed mica 
  • for overlaid figurative drawing: charcoal, pastel pencil, oil crayon


All works are on paper – mostly handmade (though not by me), using traditional techniques 

  • for most of the Visible Skeleton drawings: a sheet specially made for me at Moulin de Fleurac in France
  • for Hand Dance and Anatomy Lab drawings: from the Twinrocker mill in Brookston, Indiana
  • for Floating Colors drawings: Japanese kozo and handmade papers from various makers including St. Armand, Dieu Donné, Bergerac, and Arches  



Although the drawings are small, they have a strong presence.  The largest is about 11 x 15 inches; others are 8 x 10 or smaller.  Many of the drawings of bones and the skeleton are at actual size, as determined from x-rays.   

To inquire about availability and purchase of original artwork, please contact us


About prints available for sale

Most of the artworks on this site are available as archival inkjet pigment prints.  Some are reproductions of drawings, faithful to the originals in size, color, and texture, and printed on Hahnemuhle German Etching paper. Other images are composites: drawings or floating colors layered together with digital imagery such as radiology scans or photomicrographs.  These are printed on Epson UltraSmooth Fine Art paper.  The sheet size for most prints is 13 x 19 or 17 x 22 inches. 

Each print is part of a small edition, individually numbered and signed by the artist.  

Please contact us for more information or to make a purchase.  Prices are in the $300-$500 range; 8.5 x 11 inch color proofs may also be available, at a more affordable price – please ask.  We can also make larger prints, depending on the image.


About artist’s books

A small limited edition of the artist’s book 'My back … part of my body yet hidden from myself' is available.  It includes 12 artist prints, interleaved with 6 pages of handlettered text on vellum.  The pages, in a translucent portfolio, are unbound and can be displayed individually.  Page size is 11 x 8.5 inches.

Details and page-by-page images of the book 

To inquire about collecting, please contact me.



The Consciousness of the Body, a book I've been writing and designing, that tells this story of the life of my body in words and pictures, is in the works.  (I know I've been promising this for a while, and I'm sorry it's taking so long, but it really is coming along!) If you would like to be notified when the book is available, please contact me