Arbor vitae (cerebellum)
 4th ventricle with arbor vitae  of cerebellum  (yellow)
 Arbor vitae of cerebellum, with brainstem (yellow abaca)
 Cerebellum from below, with folds (small yellow)
 4th ventricle, close-up view
 Arbor vitae (mauve crystalline)
 Arbor vitae (mauve crystalline) (detail)
 Spinal nerve landscape (#1)
 Spinal nerve landscape (#1) (detail)
 Neural net (grey black red)
  Spinal nerve landscape (#3)
 Spinal cord butterfly with floating colors (red crystalline)
 Bluegreen kozo with motor neurons
 Spinal cord neurons with floating colors (rainforest forms)
 Dark on light with neurons (dorsal root ganglion)
 Motor neurons with floating colors (blue-red fan)
 Spinal cord with floating colors (dark)
 Neurons of cerebellum with floating colors (gold Bergerac)
 Hand study (twisting figure)
 His hands on my ribcage
 Embracing arms (X)
 Double hands (brown-pink version)
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