Vertebrae from above (red-brown)
 Lumbar vertebrae, anterior view
Turning spinal nerves (red)
 Curving vertebrae with nerve spaces
 Sacrum with emerging nerves
 L3-4-5 with emerging nerves
 Spinal cord (cauda equina) with nerve roots
 Spinal cord (cauda equina) with nerve roots (large detail)
 2 vertebrae with spinal cord and nerves
 Spinal cord scroll
 Spinal cord scroll (large detail)
 Cerebrum, coronal view (rosy kozo)
 Brain, axial view, with floating colors (greengold leafy)
 Skull interior, top
  Hand study (tendons/muscles)
 Gold-black skeleton (#2)
 Gold-black skeleton (#8)
 Gold-black skeleton (#11)
 Blue figure with airways and floating colors (#1)
 Airways with floating colors (leafy dark blue)
 Lung, opened
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