Welcome to my newly updated website! it’s been the project of this summer of 2019. After so many years of making art and writing about it, it was fun to shape it as a narrative, putting words and pictures together to tell the story, with a large selection of images to choose from. Please let me know how you like it, if there’s anything you miss from the old site, or if you find any links that don’t work. Some features that are new: a searchable database of all the artworks (on the Available art page, under Contact), and On the drawing board, where you can follow my process as new artwork takes shape (slowly!).

More news to come soon – including the launch of, a new website that will focus on my Art & Anatomy class at NYU School of Medicine.


Podcast interview

“The Art of Medicine” - episode #16 on the Doctors Who Create podcast

Doctors Who Create is a website ( with a linked podcast that asks the question: how do we encourage medical culture to embrace creativity? A great question and a worthy goal! I was honored to be interviewed for their podcast episode “The Art of Medicine.” The excellent interviewer was Darlina Liu, a med student at NYU School of Medicine who took my Art & Anatomy drawing class in 2017. Darlina also produced episode #17, on Medicine & Dance, which features another former Art & Anatomy student, Marleigh Stern. It’s full of inspiring ideas about the importance of movement and the value of communcating without the need for words.

[posted 9/16/19]

Art & Anatomy: Drawings selected for the 2019 Summer Reading List for Compassionate Clinicians

From the Gold Humanism Foundation: “Each summer, we compile a list of intriguing new books that might help strengthen clinicians’ commitment to compassionate care of both patients and themselves.” This summer their list of “10 thought-provoking reads” includes Art & Anatomy: Drawings: “In this book, we see medical students, physicians, and others not only memorizing complex anatomy, but also celebrating the uniqueness of the human body.”

[posted 9/1/19]


“Floating on inner seas” published in Interalia Magazine

Water – and, more broadly, floating, fluidity, and flow – proved to be a perfect theme for bringing together many aspects of my work: from my floating colors art-making process, to the pleasure of floating free from gravity, to the fluid milieu intérieur that bathes all the cells of our bodies, to a new theory about cerebrospinal fluid as a cause of scoliosis, in “Floating on inner seas.”  

Interalia is a magazine “dedicated to the interactions between the arts, sciences and consciousness.”  The invitation to contribute to their issue on “Interconnecting Water” gave me a chance to pursue ideas I focused on in the SciArt Center’s recent “Submerged” show.  The magazine’s format allowed me to bring words and images together in a way that I hope enhances both.  

[Originally posted 9/27/18. Excerpts from “Floating on inner seas” became the basis for my Narrative of the body on this website.]